Zebron Gas Management

Zebron Gas Management 信息

Reduce Costs and Improve the Purity of Your Gas

Simply install the Zebron™ Gas Management Filter to remove any impurities that may be present

Extend Your GC Column’s Lifetime

Zebron Gas Management Filters effectively remove contaminants from mobile phase gases, reducing potential column bleed, and increasing your GC column's lifetime.


Max Capacity

150 mL Oxygen


Max Capacity

7.2 g Water


Max Capacity

~ 7 g Organic Compounds


Max Capacity

100 mL Oxygen
1g Water
Organic compound capacity depends on impurities

Easy to Replace

Visual indicator that helps identify when to replace .

Color change from yellow to dark green when phase is saturated

Install in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Remove endplugs from the cartridge style filter & remove the flush cap from the connecting unit

Step 2: Align cartridge filter with the connecting unit

Step 3: Turn the screw cap clockwise

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